No matter how you get around Greater Manchester, get me there will make your journey easier.

Getting around

How will it work on different modes of transport?

Holders of concessionary travel passes issued by Transport for Greater Manchester are now using their cards to touch in and touch out at the yellow smart readers on Metrolink platforms when they travel by tram for free.

In the future, if you have a concessionary pass or your own get me there you'll be able to buy and load travelcards to cover your regular Metrolink journey. When you travel, you'll just need to touch in with your card or pass at the start of your journey at the yellow on-stop smart reader and then touch out again at the end of your journey.

Find out the latest news about when you can use get me there on Metrolink.

You'll need a TfGM-issued concessionary pass, an igo pass, or your own get me there card to travel smart on Greater Manchester bus services.

You'll be able to buy smart versions of System One travelcards that entitle you to travel on any bus service in Greater Manchester. In the future, you'll also be able to buy travelcards for combined bus and tram, or for bus and train travel, or even all three.

When you board the bus, you'll need to touch in with your card or pass and the smart reader will check that you have a valid travelcard. When you travel by bus you won't need to touch out.

Find out the latest news about when you can use get me there on Greater Manchester buses.


The final piece of the jigsaw is the ability to use get me there to pay for and use rail services across Greater Manchester.

The two current rail franchises that provide nearly all of the local rail services in the region are due to end in 2016. Transport for Greater Manchester has been working closely with the transport authorities in South and West Yorkshire to create a new joined-up regional franchising body, with the aim of improving rail services across the whole of the North of England.

Once the new train operating franchise has been awarded, we'll be working very closely with the franchise operators to introduce smart ticketing on rail services as soon as possible. 

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