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What is it and how does it work?


It's a new, smarter way of getting around that will make public transport easier to use, more flexible and, in some cases, better value too.

You'll be able to say goodbye to paper tickets with a range of smarter ways to buy and use public transport, including a new smart card called my get me there. And if you already have a concessionary or igo pass you'll be able to take advantage of smart ticketing just by using your existing card.

The introduction of get me there is happening in phases. Holders of concessionary passes issued by Transport for Greater Manchester* are already using their passes to touch in and touch out at the get me there smart readers whenever they travel for free on Metrolink.

Find out the latest news about the next stage of get me there.

*An ENCTS, Disabled or Disabled Plus pass issued by TfGM

The idea behind get me there is to create a dedicated account for your travel needs – one that allows you to use public transport services without having to carry cash.

If you have a card or pass, you'll use it to touch in at a smart card reader before you board a tram or train or when you get on a bus. This lets get me there know that you've started your journey. On Metrolink you'll then touch out when you finish your journey. Customer service staff will also be to check your card or pass using a hand-held card reader to see if it's valid on the mode of transport you're using. 


There are a number of different ways to use get me there:

A concessionary pass

If you have an existing concessionary travel pass issued by Transport for Greater Manchester then you're ready to start using get me there on Metrolink right now.

You're probably already using your pass to touch in at a smart reader when you use Greater Manchester bus services. You should also be using your pass to touch in and touch out whenever you travel on Metrolink for free in order to validate your concessionary pass entitlement. For most concessionary pass holders you can travel for free any time after 9.30am Monday to Friday and whenever you like at weekends. You can also create an online get me there account and register your concessionary pass so that you can track your travel history and manage your details.

If you usually pay to travel on Metrolink before 9.30am you still have to buy a printed ticket at present. If you buy a printed ticket you don't have to touch in and touch out as well.

An igo pass

If you are aged 16 or under and have an igo pass, you don't need a separate card to use get me there, you can simply load products onto your pass. Find out the latest news about when you can start using it.

My get me there

If you don't have any form of concessionary pass, you can order a smart card – called my get me there  so that you can take advantage of smart travelcards as soon as they are introduced. Find out the latest news about when you can order your own get me there card and start using it.

There'll be travelcards that will entitle you to travel on any bus in Greater Manchester and there'll be travelcards for different journeys on Metrolink. In time, travelcards for trains will be introduced and ultimately ones that will cover combinations of bus, tram and train travel too.

Find out the latest news about when travelcards will be available on different modes of transport.

The introduction of get me there is being managed by Transport for Greater Manchester, working in partnership with the region's transport service providers.

TfGM has joined forces with Greater Manchester Travelcards Ltd, the organisation of transport operators behind the successful System One travelcard scheme, with the goal of creating a comprehensive smart ticketing system to work across all modes of public transport – tram, bus and train – letting you choose how you want to get around.

The idea behind get me there is to take the principles of the highly successful System One scheme and make them 'smarter', using technology to make it simpler to combine different methods of transport to get around Greater Manchester.

All the transport partners involved in System One are therefore getting on board with get me there. To start with, you'll be able to buy and load smart versions of the existing range of travelcards that will cover you to travel on any Greater Manchester bus service. Sign up for more information and we'll let you know as soon as they're available.

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