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Get Me There: The smarter way to get around
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Get Me There: The smarter way to get around

The smarter way to get around

Travelling around Greater Manchester is getting smarter with get me there, bringing you new ways to make public transport easier to use, more flexible and less hassle.

We're introducing new get me there services and a range of Metrolink and bus & tram tickets and travelcards that will only be available with a smart card.

get me there card

Your get me there card can now be used to buy tickets and travelcards for bus*, Metrolink and combined travel. Best of all you can now buy Metrolink and bus & tram tickets online. Just log-on to your get me there account to see the range of tickets and travelcards available to you.

There’s loads of information and answers to all your frequently asked questions in our menu.

If you haven't signed up for an account or if you still need to get a card just click here.

*See the full list of bus companies that will accept get me there

Are you 16-18?

Customers aged 16-18 who live or go to school or college in Greater Manchester can apply for a get me there 16-18 card.

The card costs £10 and lasts until 31st August after your 18th Birthday.

You can get 50% off an anybus day travelcard, or 50% off a Metrolink off-peak day or weekend travelcard as well as buying the full range of Metrolink, Bus and Tram, or Anybus tickets and travelcards.

Got an igo card or TfGM Concessionary pass?

Customers with igo cards or TfGM Concessionary passes can now use get me there to pay for travel on Metrolink. Create an account and add your card, then simply buy smart tickets in advance to load straight onto your igo card or TfGM Concessionary pass when you travel on Metrolink.

Over 60's, Women's Concessionary and Disabled Concessionary pass holders still get free travel on Metrolink at off-peak times and Concession plus customers all times. When you are travelling for free simply touch in and out to record your journey.